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Self-reported circulating supply
112,651,697 APECOIN
Total supply
10,000,000,000 APECOIN
Max. supply
11,000,000,000 APECOIN

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About Asia Pacific Electronic Coin

Asia Pacific Electronic Coin, Green Cryptocurrency otherwise known as APECOIN (pronounced as Ah-PEC-Coin) was conceptualized and designed to help Mother Nature. This is one of the many cryptocurrencies in the market that has a significant value linked in the preservation of our environment. The biggest chunk of the proceeds will be utilized for our major eco-friendly projects. Such projects are Renewable Solar Energy, Waste to Energy Production, and Sulphate-Reducing Bacteria Production. Aside from that, we do have small community involvement and individual participation like Tree Planting, Plastic Trash Collection, Water Clean-up Drive, Non-usage of Plastic, Non-burning of Plastic Garbage, Lesser Domestic Energy Consumption, Lesser Usage of Motorized Vehicles, and Lesser Usage of Office Paper and the like. These minor initiatives have an equivalent APECOIN reward to be obtained after a thorough inspection.

Meanwhile, the idea has emerged out of huge concern, due to the continuous devastation of our planet. There is a growing global demand for industrialization and technological innovation despite economic fluctuations. We are aware that our planet continues to absorb the effects of industrialization. Therefore, it is imperative that every human being must balance the implications of economic growth and environment. And so the timely birth of APECOIN aims to help alleviate the excruciating pain our planet is experiencing now. Every single person or community plays a greater role in protecting and preserving our Mother Nature, even the slightest effort is an impact. The politesse of mankind towards nature is an altruistic endeavor that a person can offer.

We are drawing our inspiration from people who have the potential for change. Change in the course of actions. Improve mentality against utilizing things. Everyone is a contributor to lessen the disadvantages by initiating ourselves to act responsively.

With APECOIN, we are true to our words and we firmly believe that we can achieve our aim if we work in unison. A single APECOIN makes a massive impact as we move towards a greener living without pulling the economic growth backwards.