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De-Fi in a hybrid jacket, constantly fluctuating supply through automatic burning and the development of a staking and non-fungible token (erc721) mining system called Arteon Graphics Cards to generate passive income.

Arteon is an ERC20 token where with every transaction 0.001% of the total amount sent from wallet A to wallet B is automatically burned, which ensures a constantly fluctuating total and circulating supply depending on what is mined in our yet to be developed mining system.

By using ERC721 non fungible tokens (Arteon Graphics Cards) we want to simulate the real mining world but without the necessary expensive hardware and large electricity costs, and create a market of Arteon NFTs.

Create passive income by generating Arteon with your Arteon Graphics Cards NFTs just like Bitcoin miners do.

From time to time new versions of Arteon Graphics Cards will be released and will be available on OpenSea, sell your old Arteon Graphics Card on the OpenSea market to buy a new one or keep your old one and combine it with a new Arteon Graphics Card, the possibilities are endless!