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What Is Antmons?

A MOBA, Meta NFT, and Play-to-Earn Game build on KCC and BSC Antmons is a blockchain-based game with endless real-time competitions. It is a metaverse that can be regarded as an adventurists’ paradise, owned and defined by the community. Players can earn daily revenue by participating in guild Powerball battles, or by forming their own teams to fight in real time.

The game is set in a world of tiny insects. Players set up guilds for more loot and summon Antmons to fight for themselves and their guilds. Antmons are divided into different combat attributes: Spayer, Tank, Archer, AOE, and Thrower. Players set up Antmon clans in teams to either fight together or draw up alliances.

How Many Monli Are There in Circulation?

Antmons launched $Molin on 2022, which will be unlocked in a predetermined schedule which lasts for 36 months from the public sale. The initial circulating supply is 1,600,000 - 1.6% of the total supply. The Total supply of monli is 100,000,000.

Who Are the Founders of Antmons?

Michael: CEO, was be in charge of publishing and marketing for Supercell and Roblox in the Asia Pacific region at a game studio. Formal member of Roblox, responsible for operations of various games in the commercialization department of an Internet company with over 1 billion users, helping game developers solve the pain points of product distribution.

Amelia: CPO. Amelia is a popular and successful influencer active in mainstream social media. Her precise grasp of the content market and her outstanding performance have attracted more than one million fans across the whole network. Amelia has been responsible for the event planning and operation of the NFT trading platform, a very competent community operator as well.

DaVenci: CTO. DaVenci used to work in the commercialization department of a well- known communication company. He was responsible for the algorithm design and R&D of large-scale business commercialization strategy. He was also in charge of R&D of financial risk control algorithm in well-known financial platform.

What Makes Antmons Unique?

As a decentralized content ecosystem, Antmons’ value vision is: Fun for everyone.

Decentralized content production mechanisms: "Decentralized" means that for every new content created, there will be enough users willing to play it. Because one more game means one more source of gold farming, and players will always be willing to give a chance to a new gameplay in a bid to gain revenue. The gameplay data is open and transparent, so users can decide whether to continue to invest based on the real data performance in this game, which means that content providers do not need to spend a lot of promotion costs anymore, but concentrate on making a good product instead.

A developing framework of value standards: We hoped the Antmons universe to be tolerant and open, so we set the Meta NFT standard based on that: Meta NFT is not limited to a single gameplay or product. Meta NFT is a set of NFT definitions that can include MOBA attributes as well as SLG attributes. Most importantly, it can be extended to accommodate to more gameplays. Users can play all of Antmons's games with a Meta NFT. The value of Meta NFT will continue to grow as the number of games in the ecosystem increases.

A premiere game: Before realizing our long-term goal, we elaborated a MOBA game to illustrate our vision. We amplified the revenue possibilities for players based on the daily traditional linear revenue of a chain game - token pool PK, where players can challenge other players with their tokens and mastery of the game, with no limit on the number of plays or tokens. This is a paradise of adventure.

Last but not least, a "responsible" tokenomics.