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Self-reported circulating supply
1,000,000,000,000 ALT
Total supply
1,000,000,000,000 ALT
Max. supply
1,000,000,000,000 ALT

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About AltCoin

Our Mission: Our Mission at AltCoin is to provide our holders real world usage with a virtual reality utility by continuously improving our services so that they continue to serve our existing holders and attract new holders. We have also setup a reflection tax, so that just for being a holder in AltCoin, you will receive a portion of every single purchase of AltCoin. It is with that mission that we will create enough value within our ecosystem, that we can donate 10% of the available funds to installing trash removal systems in harbors all around the world.

Our Vision: The Metaverse (or as we like to call it the $altyverse) will be the social norm within a few years, and we intend to capitalize on the opportunity to deliver a high quality VR/AR pirate game where you can build a crew, create ships, build cities and ports, and sail the open seas with your crew battling others over loot and treasure!

Our Utilities (Value to you) -NFT's -NFT Marketplace -AltCoin Swap -MydlMan - Peer-to-Peer Secure Transactions -$altyverse - A Pirate Themed Metaverse where you can be who you want to be!

Our Tokenomics:

AltCoin started with 1 Trillion AltCoin's and immediately did an initial burn of 200 Billion coins right before our public launch to increase the value of our private sale holders. We have an automatic burn of 1% per transaction with 2% going back to our holders via reflections and 3% going to our Marketing/Development Wallet to help with future costs. The team has 3% ownership of all tokens and a charity wallet which owns 5% of all tokens for future charity donations to ocean cleanup foundations across the world. 92% of the rest of the circulating tokens are for public sale.

Initial supply: 1,000,000,000,000 Initial burn: 200,000,000,000 Fee per transaction: 2% reflection 1% auto-burn 3% toward our marketing/development budget

Total: 6% Taxation

Team Allocation: 3% Charity Allocation: 5%

Our Team:

Capn' Drop (Zachary Bostick) A United States Marine Corps Veteran turned entrepreneur who was been featured at the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2019. Captain Drop is heading the Marketing and Acquisition Department at AltCoin. You'll see him sailing the open seas of Social Media and docking in Discord.

Capn' Crypto (Shayn Mitchell) A United States Army Veteran turned entrepreneur who currently owns a recording/graphic design studio who has worked different celebrities from the film and music industry. You will find Capn' Crypto working day and night on the website and working with developers to get our prototype done and in your hands!

Ol' Grogg (Steven Porter) With a diverse skill set in the media production and design industry, as well as fluency in C++, Javascript and PHP, Ol' Grogg is here to polish this turd into something marketable. His contributions keep the poopdeck swabbed and the main sails hoisted, at least on the outside! I'm Ol' Grogg!!!