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Circulating supply
78,369,697 2KEY
Total supply
599,020,419 2KEY
Max. supply
600,000,000 2KEY

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About 2key.network

Launched on 07/06/2017 by a team based in Israel, Ukraine, US, Serbia, Russia, Philippines, 2key is a Social Economic Network with a new link at heart - one that pays you back for paying it forward;

2key.network empowers “Social Sourcing” - incentivising formation of ad-hoc social networks that allow customers, fans and supporters to be compensated for helping businesses grow - finding target audiences that achieve business results.

2key.network is built on the 2key Protocol - a 2nd Layer Solution for enabling Browser-Based Multi-Party-State-Networks, allowing to embed smart contracts and economic models into HTTP links and clients, powering "SmartLinks".