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VALI 即時價格資訊

What is Vali Token?

Vali is an exchange token, but its purpose is separate, and its purpose is to create its own blockchain,as well as to interact with traditional banking services and digital currency services.

Who is the VALI team?

The VALI team consists of traditional managers with at least 40 years of management experience. Those who have experienced from transferring money physically to sending money via telefax and finally transferring money through banking services.

All the above services had the most important problem in them. What was that problem?

If someone tells about this problem, we will reward him with 100,000 Vali tokens.

In any case, there are young people with different computer backgrounds, with at least 20 years of experience in the computer world, who have already seen all kinds of computer systems and grew up with them. Types of floppy disk 1/5 or 1/2 ... types of hard drives of several megabytes, types of RAM of several kilobytes in the form of hardware. Types of operating systems: DOS and NC software to manage files in the DOS environment, all types of commands in a linear environment like DIR, COPY, DATE, TIME, and other commands. First, Windows 3, Windows 9x, 2000, and NT, the rest of the Windows are all kinds of programming languages in the DOS environment, like QBasic and Pascal, after the Windows Visual Basic revolution, and... all kinds of games without graphics, like Mario,are only those of the past. They experienced that they had a home PC. After thirty years, we tell you that the crypto world is a big revolution, whether you like it or not.

What we do:

Our intention is to create a blockchain that is a combination of the traditional world and the crypto world, and we can use intermediate ports for their transmission and communication. As there is a bridge between crypto, there must be a bridge between these two worlds of traditional and new economy.

What is the difference between us and others?

Our team has members who think traditionally and lived traditionally, but we were able to teach them how to step from the old world to the new world without fear and worry. You will be able to see the world created by crypto and blockchain, in which case you are one of the few people who have experienced rapid progress from the past to the present.

Information about our project


MAX SUPPALY 1000000000000

Circulating Supply 800000000000

Token Type BEP20

TOTAL SUPPALY 1000000000000

BURN 200000000000

Contract Address 0xb2f307fc5d7b34f22267aef01e84915a4509cf86