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BTCBAM, one of the most successful blockchain projects developed by the Turks, signed a cooperation and collateral usage agreement with Spektral Investment Bank to establish Europe's first crypto investment exchange. Spektral Investment Bank also provides in-kind collateral guarantees for the coin, which has a total of 7 blockchains to be produced by the BTCBAM team. Spektral Investment Bank acquired 25% of BTCBAM.

Based on the UTXO model BTCBAM adopts the consensus mechanism of PoS and is public blockchain in the world to make this innovation for investors and token developers. The BTCBAM Coin also has wrapped token in Ethereum chain and can easily swap mainnet coin to Erc20 token. Blockchain based coin also provide the services and integrations that have been provided by its own chain. -Proof of Stake Algorithm -UTXO Model -Smart Contract -Value Transfering -Decentralized Exchange -NFT Marketplace -Dapp