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LDFI  Lendefi LDFIPrice: ₺4.11 5.76%
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4,179,166 LDFI
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Lendefi bugünkü fiyatı ₺4.11 TRY, 24 saatlik işlem hacmi ₺313,481 TRY. Lendefi son 24 saatte yüzde arttı. Anlık CoinMarketCap sıralaması #1553, piyasa değeri ₺17,162,763 TRY. Dolaşımdaki arz 4,179,166 LDFI coin ve maksimum seviyede. 10,000,000 LDFI coin.

The Decentralized Finance (“DeFi”) ecosystem has grown exponentially over the past year and has started to unlock the true potential of the crypto markets to replace legacy markets that were built for another age that has now passed its use-by date. The potential is for DeFi to replace almost all financial services known today, such as savings, insurance, trading, and loans. DeFi can shift to almost all services offered by financial institutions, including lending and borrowing. It’s exciting to see the innovation happening in DeFi with multiple major platforms like Compound and AAVE paving the way for the adoption of crypto lending and borrowing. However, the problem with these current protocols is they have only tapped a portion of the market given that loans are over collateralized. This limits the borrowing potential for secured lending. While there has been a lot of innovation happening in the undercollateralized lending space, Undercollateralized Loans (“UCLs”) are yet to mature as current lending approaches are unsecured. Unsecured lending has been keeping the majority of lenders on the sidelines.

On the other hand, the interest people receive in the traditional bank system is nearly zero and even going negative in multiple countries. You will have to pay the bank to hold your money. This is leaving people little to no secure lending options where they can earn attractive interest on their money. While it is easy for anyone to borrow money from the bank to buy assets like cars and houses, there is no lending option available for the borrowers to invest in crypto assets. This major gap in the market remains untapped and we at Lendefi are bridging this gap in the market.

Introducing Lendefi, an innovative DeFi protocol that allows lenders to securely lend their stable coins and earn interest. Borrowers can access UCLs to invest in crypto-assets and grow their portfolios.


Attractive interest rates

Lendefi allows lenders to earn an attractive interest rate by lending stable coins through Lendefi Protocol. The interest paid by banks on savings or term deposit is virtually nonexistent and in the future is likely to go negative, meaning banks will charge interest to hold money.

Access to capital for crypto assets

Crypto assets do not enjoy access to capital markets, for borrowing and lending, compared to other assets like real estate or shares in companies.

No Middle Man

The Lendefi protocol cuts the middle man out of the process, removing all of the red tape involved with lending and borrowing. This removes any counterparty risk between the borrower and lender, who then can deal on a trustless basis.


Completely decentralized

Lendefi is a completely decentralized finance protocol operating on smart contracts. This allows the platform to be highly secure and trustless.

Undercollateralized Loans

Lendefi allows users to get UCLs for buying crypto assets. The assets are bought directly from the Lendefi protocol through decentralized liquidity pools like Uniswap.

Secured lending

Lendefi allows secured lending, giving much-needed confidence to the lenders in a highly volatile crypto market. Secured lending will open up opportunities for traditional lenders to access higher interest rates without getting direct exposure to market fluctuations.

Decentralized governance

The Lendefi protocol will be controlled by the community who can participate in the governance of the protocol. Lendefi governance via a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (“DAO”) will allow the active participation of token holders in the governance of the protocol.

Multiple asset support

Borrowers can select from a wide variety of supported assets to invest in by borrowing funds from the Lendefi protocol. Supported assets can be added and removed from the protocol using the Lendefi governance DAO.






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LDFI Fiyat İstatistikleri

Lendefi Fiyat Bugün
Lendefi Değeri₺4.11
Fiyat Değişimi24h₺0.2236
24s En Düşük / 24s En Yüksek
₺3.75 /
İşlem Hacmi24h₺313,481.06
Hacim / Piyasa Değeri0.01827
Piyasa Hakimiyeti0.00%
Piyasam Sıralaması#1553
Lendefi Piyasa Değeri
Piyasa Değeri₺17,162,763.20
Tamamen Seyreltilmiş Piyasa Değeri₺41,067,436.00
Lendefi Fiyat Dün
Dünün En Yükseği / En Düşüğü
₺3.75 /
Dünkü Açılış / Kapanış
₺3.89 /
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Dünkü Hacim₺312,453.51
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₺3.24 /
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₺3.12 /
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₺3.12 /
52 Hafta En Düşük / 52 Hafta En Yüksek
₺3.12 /
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Apr 21, 2021 (15 days ago)
Tüm Zamanlar En Düşük
Apr 28, 2021 (8 days ago)
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Lendefi Arz
Dolaşan Arz4,179,166 LDFI
Toplam Arz10,000,000 LDFI
Maks Arz10,000,000 LDFI