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Value in the cryptocurrency market has been soaring. Enterprises like Tesla, Square, and MicroStrategy have acquired significant allocations of Bitcoin. A new wave of interest has arrived from both retail and institutions alike. However, the vast majority of cryptocurrency value sits idle on exchanges or self-hosted wallets. Usage remains restricted as the technology for using your digital assets in the real-world is overly complex. Cash Tech is the final bridge that will allow cryptocurrency assets to interact with the real world. By launching a multi-chain, multi-functional application that is straightforward and simple to use, digital asset holders will finally be able to use their crypto assets as they wish.

In addition to being a sophisticated storage solution and in-app exchange, Cash Tech also enables several features that are rarely accessible in other applications. Cash Tech users will be able to tap into various DeFi applications like borrowing and lending. The Cash Tech team has also been working to build an extensive merchant network that will allow Cash Tech users to spend their crypto assets with their favourite businesses. We anticipate that a network of over 500,000 merchants will be added. Cash Tech users will also be able to earn rewards for spending or receiving payments.