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Babylon token is a Georgia-based cryptocurrency exchange. It is the official cryptocurrency of Chain Turko. Fixed price to sale will be presented. Total production is 1,894,000 units, public offering rate is 894,000. The amount of supply is the date of establishment of the Babylonian country. It was determined based on the year 1894. Also the money creating an inflation and preventing the investors from being victimized Maximum supply is kept low. Your strength and innovation The project, inspired by the country of Babylon, which is the symbol, New to innovations and nancial change in the field of cryptocurrencies always evolve, more and more to open doors to take part in the market, the power of the Chain Turko exchange, A service that adopts the principle of reflecting its quality to its investors. with the understanding that investors can invest with confidence. provides facilities. Our primary goal is contactless and our business plan in compliance with the law with automatic recognition systems. as the pilot region GEORGIA and TURKEY, E-commerce online payment in all countries as GLOBAL to disseminate the system. Babylon, within the scope of the project to increase their income and the amount of investment and to increase their R&D activities. will use it to speed it up. All about online payment sectors, more descriptively on E-commerce. we want to be So buy it soon with Babylonian tokens. We will have a very comprehensive e-commerce site where you can buy. coin As a market platform, Chain Turko has recently We will serve with the platform. Our work for these We are in the final stages. Cryptocurrency mining in the world most of it is done in Asian countries and like Bitcoin purchase of cryptocurrencies causing an increase. Developed in the blockchain space technologies also contribute to the acquisition of valuable products in our country. will provide. Our Babylon Token project is both in our daily lives. be used and put an end to the problems in our lives adopting the principle of developing solutions that can be used for stepped into the project. Babel token via the ERC20 network, the Ethereum network are transferred, metamask and coinpayment to holders The use of a wallet is recommended. Babylon has 68 holders and supporters on many platforms. exists