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As an infrastructure of the Web3.0 Ecosystem, SINSO focuses on high-speed Decentralized Cache and Data-governance based on FVM, and migrates data to Web3.0 seamlessly through the following means: 1. Non-Intrusive Accessing – quick access (less than 30 minutes) to the Filecoin ecosystem with no need to change the existing structure; 2. Greatly improve the access efficiency of decentralized data storage - the time needed will be reduced from hours to seconds; 3. Provide a more secure caching mechanism that is resistant to censorship and attacks; 4. Ensure the consistency of data in cross-chain transactions through content addressing (CID) queries; 5. Govern data stored in Filecoin through the DAO mechanism.

The main product of SINSO - SINSO Getway Decentralized Cache Nodes network, can help users quickly store data in the Filecoin system and promptly enable fast response to data download requirements. Now in the Testnet phase, SINSO Getway has accessed nodes amounting to 4500+. What's more, the release of SINSO Getway API has enabled institutions and individuals with storage needs to experience storage into SINSO Getway featured by high speed, high security, etc.

As HotData accounts for an increasing share of global data traffic (over 63% in 2021) and the migration from Web2.0 to Web3.0 accelerates, data governance becomes more urgent, and the Web3.0 market will have stable, continuous, and high-frequency demand for SINSO products.

While decentralized storage has overcome the shortcomings of centralized storage (Vulnerability to cyberattacks and other security issues, Lack of ownership and control) it has also been criticized for slow uploading / downloading speed, lack of user-friendly API, and high cost. SINSO focuses on a high-speed caching layer and helps DAPP developers to migrate data to Web3.0 by: 1. Using unified SDK to provide hot storage for DAPPs; 2. Using blockchain wallet tools to bind DID for login, and provide a one-stop data browser; 3. CID can authorize cross-DAPP access and ensure the consistency of data; 4. Cast your data sets into NFTs for trading; 5. Conduct data governance using FVM-based Data.

As a global project with few competitors, SINSO is the first effective data pre-incentive network for the Filecoin ecosystem.

There are some competitors of distributed CDN and edge storage - they have some similar characteristics, but the market relation cannot be summed as one of absolute competition. Especially, SINSO also provides more tools and incentive layers in terms of data governance.