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Sobre OnigiriSwap

The project is described to be a AMM based on Uniswap with sound tokenomics.

$ONIGIRI Holders will be entitled to Governance rights and a portion of the fees paid to the protocol. Giving ownership of the protocol to $ONIGIRI holders.

$ONIGIRI is designed to be deflationary, only a limited amount of $ONIGIRI will be generated before the stakers are rewarded with a buyback or burning of tokens with revenue generated from the protocol. — Those who hold on to their $ONIGIRI will potentially be rewarded.

Upon migration, OnigiriSwap will charge a transaction fee of 0.3%. Of which it will portion 0.25% to liquidity providers while the remaining 0.03% will be burnt (decreasing the supply of $ONIGIRI) and the other 0.02% of the $ONIGIRI will be distributed back to all $ONIGIRI holders and stakers.

As for the DEX after migration, it will be a Uniswap and SushiSwap alternative, with a twist.

$ONIGIRI will be rewarded for staking Uniswap/Sushiswap LP tokens and by providing liquidity to OnigiriSwap DEX upon migration.

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