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What Is Cirus Foundation (CIRUS)?

Cirus Foundation (CIRUS) is a multi-layered blockchain-powered ecosystem with a global goal of accelerating web 3.0 adoption and building data economics. A powerful and easy-to-use platform, where users have complete control over their data and can successfully monetize it when needed.

Cirus consists of Cirus Device, Cirus Core Platform, and Cirus Confluence Network. Thus, the ecosystem combines Hardware, Traditional Software, Blockchain Technology and a Tokenized Ecosystem, where all elements work in concert, giving users ownership of the generated data streams, converting data into cryptocurrency and leveraging the data value in DeFi and web 3.0 protocols.

At the heart of everything is the Cirus hardware solution - a Wi-Fi router for collecting data from all connected devices. It also performs security functions and shares data across ecosystems. According to the developers, there will be two types of devices available. By eliminating intermediaries, Cirus aims to reduce losses and empower their users, who are in full control of their own data. Cirus’ users can decide how they wish to monetize their data and, in doing so, generate passive income.

The Cirus economy is supported by the CIRUS token, which is responsible for rewarding contributors, data providers and stakers. All income is paid in the form of CIRUS tokens.

Who Are the Founders of Cirus Foundation?

Cirus has three talented co-founders: Daniel Bland, Samartha Nagabhushanam and Michael Luckhoo.

Daniel Bland is a seasoned entrepreneur and a 'hands-on' developer with an impressive track record. Bland boasts 30 years of experience in the technology industry. He devoted most of his tenure to identifying, developing and commercializing modern technologies.

Samartha Nagabhushanam can be described as a skilled entrepreneur who has been dealing with the wireless + data analytics industry for several years. Nagabhushanam is well established in the wireless, hardware, and data analytics spaces. Moreover, he has served as CEO at tech companies like MindTree and Videcon Group, as well as held the position of Founder & Managing Director at Kyocera.

Michael Luckhoo is a businessman and gifted entrepreneur who has been immersed in blockchain technology and decentralized digital assets since 2017. While working as Head of Business Development for the marketing and consulting firm Torus Solutions, Luckhoo successfully started and promoted four projects to market leadership positions. He was also the VP of DigitalBits, where he launched their branded stablecoin initiative and helped link them to new enterprise partners.

The Cirus Foundation was established in 2021. After its launch, former Apple CEO, Gil Amelio, joined the team as a senior advisor. Another notable name on the Cirus Foundation’s list of advisors is Finis Conner, who is the co-founder of Seagate and Conner Peripherals.

What Makes The Cirus Foundation Unique?

The main goal of the Cirus Foundation is to convert users’ data into a digital currency.

To monetize data, Cirus servers securely collect and process users’ authorized data, and then reward users with CIRUS tokens. Platform users can choose which of their data to keep confidential and which to successfully monetize. The income received from the data can be utilized for further earnings in the ecosystem or converted off-ramp into FIAT.

The Cirus ecosystem includes Cirus Device, Cirus Core Platform and Cirus Confluence. All three products work together to create a strong system, improve user experience and contribute to the Cirus economy.

Cirus Device: a Wi-Fi router powered by Cubera Technologies that collects authorized data from all connected devices. The Cirus Device serves as an alternative Internet router, providing interoperability with the Cirus Core Platform and Cirus Confluence, and helps create valuable data for monetization.

Cirus Core Platform: a powerful, yet simple and affordable platform that combines Ad-Tech and Blockchain technologies, which provides users with keys to their data, and also converts the data into cryptocurrency.

Cirus Confluence: the value generating layer that builds a reliable decentralized network to support both the hardware and software elements of the Cirus ecosystem.

Functions of the CIRUS token:

Remittance. After the data monetization process takes place, the value flows into the network, and then is transferred to platform users via CIRUS tokens.

Authentication. Cirus devices automatically receive up to 25 CIRUS tokens for authentication purposes. They are then locked-in and are used to generate a signal that the device is operable and the network connection is live.

Bridge. A commission is charged for converting CIRUS to FIAT off-ramps (or other currencies). Transaction fees go to the Cirus ecosystem development fund.

Rewards. Users are rewarded in the form of CIRUS tokens for maintaining the network through staking, delegation and nodes.


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