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Manna Manna (MANNA)

0.000447 USD (14.97%)
0.00000006 BTC (23.38%)

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Cap. Marché
249,836 USD
34 BTC
Volume (24h)
16 USD
0.00 BTC
Offre en Circulation
559,478,921 MANNA
Offre Totale
2,360,526,876 MANNA
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Manna Marchés

# Source Paire Volume (24h) Prix Volume (%) Catégorie Type de frais Mise à jour
1 SouthXchange MANNA/BTC $16 $0.000447 99.40% Spot Percentage Récemment
2 SouthXchange MANNA/BCH $0 $0.000386 0.33% Spot Percentage Récemment
3 SouthXchange MANNA/BSV $0 $0.000337 0.26% Spot Percentage Récemment
4 SouthXchange MANNA/DASH $0 $0.000356 0.01% Spot Percentage Récemment
5 SouthXchange MANNA/USD $0 $0.000445 0.00% Spot Percentage Récemment
6 FreiExchange MANNA/BTC $0 $0.000447 0.00% Spot Percentage Récemment
7 SouthXchange MANNA/LTC $0 $0.000346 0.00% Spot Percentage Récemment
8 SouthXchange MANNA/DOGE $0 $0.000251 0.00% Spot Percentage Récemment
9 SouthXchange MANNA/DAI $0 $0.000827 0.00% Spot Percentage Récemment

Manna Flux Réseaux Sociaux

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À propos de Manna

Founded in 2015, Manna describes itself as the 'world’s first digital asset to be distributed on the principles of Universal Basic Income'. The goal is to enable greater decentralization and wider scale distribution of the asset to larger numbers of people. Further, it allows for more global accessibility resulting in better long term adoption. Manna claims to be one of the first cryptocurrencies to be managed by a US based 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. In order to receive the Manna basic income, users must sign up on is a social platform that rewards users for their participation, gamifies giving, and aims to inspire meaningful connections. The project aims to create a 'web of trust identity network' and reward users of the platform with the weekly social dividend (universal basic income) in the form of the digital token Manna. From there, users will be able to support one another's content, trade goods and services in their online marketplace, and create a giving portfolio that distributes value to individuals, organizations, and targeted groups of the user's choosing.

Statistiques de Manna
Prix de Manna 0.000447 USD
RSI de Manna +191.75%
Rang sur le marché #1233
Cap. Marché 249,836 USD
Volume sur 24 H 16 USD
Offre en Circulation 559,478,921 MANNA
Offre Totale 2,360,526,876 MANNA
Offre Max Aucune Donnée
Le plus haut 0.073483 USD
(06 janv. 2018)
Le plus bas 0.000025 USD
(08 mars 2017)
Bas / Haut sur 52 semaines 0.002388 USD /
0.000312 USD
Bas / Haut sur 90 jours 0.001626 USD /
0.000312 USD
Bas / Haut sur 30 jours 0.000944 USD /
0.000312 USD
Bas / Haut sur 7 jours 0.000536 USD /
0.000312 USD
Bas / Haut sur 24 heures 0.000447 USD /
0.000356 USD
Bas / Haut hier 0.000453 USD /
0.000356 USD
Ouverture / Fermeture d'hier 0.000400 USD /
0.000424 USD
Change d'hier $0.000024 USD (+6.06%)
Volume d'hier $33 USD

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