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188,707,944 ALPH
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1,000,000,000 ALPH
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Jan 12, 2022 (2 years ago)
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Jan 10, 2023 (a year ago)
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À propos de Alephium

What is Alephium?

Scalable for devs. Secure for users. Decentralized for all.

Innovative sharding meets expressive sUTXO and efficient Proof-of-Less-Work to secure scalable dApps for real-world use cases.

From its technical design to its interfaces, Alephium has been created to address the challenges of accessibility, scalability, and security encountered by decentralized applications today.

It is programmable & secure. Alephium proposes a stateful UTXO model offering layer-1 scalability and the same level of programmability as the account model implemented on ETH, whilst being more secure.

It is less energy consuming thanks to PoLW. Proof of Less Work combines physical work and Coin economics to dynamically adjust the work required to mine new blocks. Given the same network conditions, Alephium only uses ⅛ of the energy compared to Bitcoin.

It improves on chain structure with its own custom VM (Alphred). It resolves many of the critical issues of the current dApps platforms with huge improvements on security, development experience and introductions of new paradigms such as trustless P2P smart contracts transactions.