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What Is TrustRise V2

TrustRise V2 is a game of trust and solidarity, this is where the “trust” in TrustRise V2 originates from. TrustRise V2 is based on a principle called dynamic tokenomics within the smart contract.

Prize pool: To reward community members that take the extra step to grow the TrustRise V2 community, a prize wallet will be introduced. The efforts of active and loyal community members will be rewarded in the $TRV2 token.

Automatic Liquidity: Every trade with the TRV2 token automatically contributes to a locked liquidity pool on PancakeSwap V2. This liquidity pool is locked and proof of the liquidity lock can be found on the website.

Redistribution amongst holders: Every trade with the TRISE token automatically redistributes a percentage of the transaction to all current TrustRise V2 holders. The more TRV2 you hold, the more is being redistributed into your holding account.

Buyback to V1: For TrustRise V2, 2% of all transactions will go towards the buyback feature. This amount will be used to purchase the $TRISE (V1) token resulting in positive price action for V1.

How does the game work?

TrustRise V2 will also be an on-chain DeFi game that will coexist with the original TrustRise V1. However, the concept of TrustRise V2 is completely different. TrustRise V2 will implement the element of luck/ randomization into its tokenomics. The element of luck will be implemented by introducing “the wheels of fortune”. In total there will be 3 wheels of fortune, each giving their own unique twist to the overall outcome.

Every 2 days, at a soon-to-be-announced time, the wheels of fortune will be spun LIVE on the TrustRise website. Wherever these Wheels of Fortune land upon will decide the tokenomics for the coming 2 days. The outcome can always be found on the website and will also be announced on all the TrustRise social media platforms.

How Many TRV2 tokens Are There in Circulation?

TRV2 launched on the Binance Smart Chain with tokens initially. 50% of this initial supply is already burned. 20% of all the available tokens are stored in the TrustRise V2 marketing wallet which is fully unlocked and is used on proposals to improve brand awareness. 30% of the total supply goes to the public sale, this includes the presale and PancakeSwap V2 liquidity. Any tokens that are not bought during the presale, will be burned.

Who Are the Founders of TrustRise?

TrustRise V2 is founded by a team of crypto enthusiasts. The team exists of 2 experienced blockchain developers, 1 front-end developer, 1 marketing expert, and 2 social media experts. The team has a total of 5 years of experience on the blockchain. On TRV2's official website, information can be found that the team is KYC verified.

Where Can I Buy TRV2?

TrustRise V2 was available for private sale on January 5, 2022 on DxSale. TrustRise V2 is available on PancakeSwap V2 (Binance Smart Chain) from January 5, 2022.

What Makes TrustRise V2 Unique?

TrustRise V2 aims to be a leader in the gamification of on-chain defi token-trading and aims to create a more fun, fresh and unique experience for users on the blockchain. TrustRise V2 also aims to be a leader in community inclusiveness; a high level of involvement with its community is a mission TrustRise V2 can conquer by creating a positive community environment and healthy price action. TrustRise V2 will help facilitate the growth and awareness of the project alongside its community.

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