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SKYLARK Price Live Data

Skylark is a Dual Reflect Token (DRT) which is part of Rocket Moon GO (RMG), a project that uses RFI utility to reimagine gaming on the blockchain.

RMG is the first-ever console game on the blockchain; the game is a battle-race between two sister tokens Skylark and Falcon, to the moon. The RMG team created the first-ever tokens to compete against each other in real-time.

This new tokenomic is dubbed 'Dual Reflect Tokens' (DRTs). The team coined this name to describe the inseparability and duality between the tokens. For every SELL action, a pre-collected fee is taken and used to InstaBuy, and then PowerBurn, the sister DRT. Simply put, when your opponent dumps, it pumps your team, pushing your rocket closer to the moon.

DRTs also include standard reflect tokenomics as in percent fee to holders, liquidity and marketing.

Skylark is the meanest, baddest rocket in the cryptospace. This punk rocket got attitude cuz, don't try to stop her bro, gas her up, take aim and go, nothing touches this little eagle.

Skylark Vs. Falcon. The Game is ON. Choose your rocket, team up and join the race!