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Sirio was designed to be a community-managed investment token with all revenue being redistributed to our holders. Part of the fees from buying and selling will go into the Community Wallet which is the core of our project. The Community can go to the website to vote on projects and proposals they support, and based on the results, funds in the Community Wallet will be invested according to the wishes of our holders. Among the proposals we will set before our community will be targeted purchases of other cryptocurrencies, investments in start-ups, burns, events, advertising etc,. All of which will ensure that the value of Sirio and the strength of our community eventually increases. There will be a blog on our website in which experts from the various sectors listed above will be asked to present and evaluate investment proposals, analysing them along with the community in AMAs or in written form on the blog. There will be events scheduled to keep in touch with the community and to evaluate all proposals. All revenues collected from the various investments made by Sirio via the Community Wallet will be re-invested into the community, who will then decide what action will be taken; There will be a forum on the website where users can discuss and subsequently vote on future proposals for example: redistribution of tokens, staking, burns, etc.