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Self-reported circulating supply
61,800,000,000 SHIBARMY
Total supply
69,000,000,000 SHIBARMY
Max. supply
69,000,000,000 SHIBARMY

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About ShibArmy

What is ShibArmy?

ShibArmy was started by the creators of ShibaBCH (the first ever Shiba themed token to ever be made on Bitcoin Cash network ,and currently ranked 19th top token on the Bitcoin Cash network) as a way of uniting both blockchains and to spread the power of the ShibArmy to spaces they have never explored or seen before. We are a huge powerful movement who will release an NFT range down the line and push for ShibArmy to be used in various online dapps and services such as NFT platforms and other services.

Is ShibArmy contract safe? ShibArmy contract uses the same code as SafeMoon to ensure the contract is safe, as safemoon contract has been audited by Certik it gives us the upmost confidence in our protocol.

Who is the developer of ShibArmy? The developer of ShibArmy is known as SmartoshiCashomoto, he is also the lead developer behind other projects such as ShibaBCH on SmartBCH network which was launched with only $200 initial liquidity and done over 850x gains since launch.

What makes ShibArmy different to other tokens? ShibArmy has the most powerful community in the whole of the crypto space, that is apparent due to the uprise in other Shuiba themed tokens, the problem with other tokens is the developers can sometimes show incompetency, that is a gap we can fill because our team has the movitivation, drive and skillset to make this a widely used protocol, while being official partner of ShibaBCH and spreading awareness to WEB3 use on the Bitcoin Cash network.

What is the supply of ShibArmy? The Total Supply is 69 Billion

Have any tokens been burned? As of this application over 10% of the supply has been burned and is verifiable here -

Is liquidity locked? Liquidity is locked on DXSale for 1 year and can be verified by checking ShibArmy on DXLock

Why did we choose Binance Smart Chain? Binance Smart Chain is a popular chain that has low transaction speeds, a huge userbase and we wanted to tap into that by creating ShibArmy on this chain, we are however partners with ShibaBCH which is also owned by us and hosted on Bitcoin Cash Network.