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Jump into the next moonshot token with ShibaJump, a BSC token that will provide utility and gaming features to all holders. Help Shiba collect coins and avoid all the monsters in his way! If it’s in story mode or in multiplayer mode, let ShibaJump show you his world and you can dive into exciting adventures with him and earn rewards while you are playing. On your computer and also as a handy mobile application ShibaJump will always be on your side and waiting for you to go on an adventure with him.

With a unique NFT collection, we will add another great feature to the ecosystem. A wide range of extraordinary characters and items will be available. As you might already think, you will also be able to play the characters you own within the Metaverse and wear the items. Stand of the crowd by exploring the Metaverse with a rare character or by wearing rare items. Everything will be possible in ShibaJump world