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SHEEBA INU ($SHEEB) is a high deflationary game and NFT DeFi protocol powering a P2E (Play to Earn) token and Metaverse ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain that keeps the chart green through the use of our custom liquidity burn deflationary mechanism. $SHEEB is working on the development of its addictive game called ‘Sheeba Adventures.’ In game, you will need to complete increasingly difficult levels in order to earn $SHEEB rewards. The higher the level, the higher the difficulty, and rewards will be. You will have the ability to choose your own in-game NFT character. The $SHEEB team will also be releasing NFT’s integrated with the game that will allow customization in stats and visuality that will help investors increase the amount of rewards that can be won. Our game will be available for Website, IOS and Android app stores. The beta version of our game is currently available with the p2e functions enabled on for PC.