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As you know, NFTs are the current talk of the crypto industry — Closedsea presents the FIRST world-class, ZERO-FEE & TRULY multi-chain NFT Marketplace designed to offer the best NFT buy, collect, sell and create an experience. Closedsea focuses on four primary areas within the blossoming NFT Marketplace space.

These are mainly, high fees, Multi-chain accessibility, reliability, and user experience: High Transaction Fees: Closedsea offers NFT transactions on low fee networks such Binance, Polygon, and Solana as payment options while also maintaining the ETH option.

Closedsea introduces the $SEA TOKEN which allows members to have ZERO (0) fees on all their transactions by simply holding a limited number of $SEA tokens

Multi-Chain Access: Closedsea is designed to offer the FIRST multi-chain experience across BSC, POLYGON, ETH, SOL, and more allowing for users to trade on the network that best suits their requirements. One of ClosedSea’s primary focus areas is to provide the most affordable fees in the NFT Marketplace space.

ClosedSea offers two options to this problem: User Experience: Closedsea is also designed to offer the best create, buy, collect and sell experience at par or better with market leaders by offering a familiar and predictable interface lacking on platforms outside the ETH network. Reliability: Closedsea is designed to offer reliable transaction security, high availability, less to no failed transactions further enhancing our attractiveness to the wider NFT economy.