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Self-reported circulating supply
Total supply
349,852 RING
Max. supply
3,250,000,000 RING
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About RingFi

"RingFi is the next generation DeFi release on the BSC network that is conceived to earn passive returns in an easy and sustainable way.

RIngFi protocol deployed the world's first composable auto-staking token, which allow users to maximize profits, becoming the next generation DeFi release on the BSC.

$RING token is powered by rebases, that reward holders with a 0.02362% every 15min. This means an annual compound interest of 392,537%. This APY is fixed and it is secured thanks to the 14% and 16% taxes with buys and sells respectively.

The tokenomics of $RING are meant to ensure the project's sustainability in perpetuity. The rewards received by $RING holders come from a fee charged to every user each time $RING is transacted, either through a buy or sell. This amount is accrued to a special wallet and designed to support the rebase rewards in $RING going forward algorithmically.

The competitive advantages of RingFi are its unique mechanics like autoliquidity every 24h, the composability, thanks to the wRING, that allow users to farm with $RING and use it as collateral while still receiving rebases.

In security standards, there are two audit reports performed by Cyberscope, the team has KYC'd to PinkSale and CoinSniper and locked liquidity for 100 years."