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Self-reported circulating supply
3,643,561 QUOTH
Total supply
55,000,000 QUOTH
Max. supply
55,000,000 QUOTH

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About Quoth

"Quoth is an Artificial Intelligence NFT indexing protocol, API, and on-chain oracle B2B service. Anyone can use the Quoth APP to search for, authenticate, and bridge any NFT. Protocols, NFT marketplaces, and other projects can use the Quoth API and oracle services for data and originality authentication of any NFT in existence.

$QUOTH is the native token of the protocol that's used to support the network of API nodes. It rewards users for neural net training, bridging, and authentication. Quoth's liquidity will be farmed using an innovative model for advertising using liquidity staking. Quoth's chain agnostic nodes – "Ravens" will be operated by independent node operators. Anyone can run a Raven node to receive authentication and search fees. Ravens and neural net trainers work together to organize the data necessary for the AI to curate and thus give the oracles the necessary NFT information to maintain an index and authenticate NFT protocol API for DeFi and Web3."