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PYX Price Live Data

What Is PYXIS Network?

PYXIS Network is a decentralized finance staking platform on Binance Smart Chain.

PYX Token is used for:

  • Stake. People can lock the tokens for an amount of time and earn when the stake is matured.

PYXIS Network includes:

  • BNB Staking People can use BNB to stake and earn.
  • PYX Staking People can use PYX(Our main token) to stake and earn.

How Many PYX Tokens Are There in Circulation?

The supply of PYX Tokens is not fixed. It can be increased or decreased depending on how the users interact with the system.

Where Can I Buy PYX Token (PYX)?

PancakeSwap (A decentralized exchange on Binance Smart Chain.)