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500,000,000,000 PQT

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Question: What is PREDIQT? PREDIQT is a marketplace for consumer data – using the PQT token PREDIQT allows unbanked consumers worldwide to exchange their data as an asset for its true value with upside. PREDIQT’s platform has access to over 50 million consumers and has Global 1000 companies as clients.

The Prediqt token (PQT) is : - A utility token that “tokenizes” consumer data as an asset.
- Consumers are able to provide information through participation in market research and receive compensation in PQTs.
- PQTs can be held or exchanged for other fiat currency, gift cards or cryptocurrencies

Question: Does PREDIQT have traction? - PREDIQT has 300K people in 30 countries that have used and currently using PREDIQT’s App to exchange their consumer data. - PREDIQT has over 100 companies including Nielsen, Ipsos, Euromonitor and Duracell as Clients

Question: How Many PQTs are in circulation? At time of writing there are 1.62 Billion tokens circulating.

Question: Who are the Founders of PREDIQT? PREDIQT was founded by Henry Chan and a team of senior executives. Each team member has over 20 years of experience in their respective fields of mobile, enterprise software development, consumer research and finance. Mr. Chan has over 25 years of experience investing and founding software technology companies.
The team members have won numerous industry awards including “Best Mobile Research Company 2017”

Question: Where Can I buy PREDIQT Tokens? PREDIQT token pair PQT/USDT, is listed on the Beldex (www.beldex.io) and the Latoken (www.latoken.com) exchanges.