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Polar Sync (POLAR) has migrated its contract from BEP20 to ERC20. Read more here
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Self-reported circulating supply
197,187,749 POLAR
Total supply
1,000,000,000 POLAR
Max. supply
611,250,000 POLAR
Self-Reported Tags
AI & Big DataEnterprise SolutionsDeFiShow all

Polar Sync (POLAR) has migrated its contract from BEP20 to ERC20. Read more here

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About Polar Sync

Polar Sync is scaling backend data infrastructure for the next generation of Web3 dApps, anayltics, trading, charts, gaming, and all other data intesive applications. We empower developers to process, transform, and access on-chain blockchain data instantly, comparable to The Graph.

Powerful and customizable PolarMaps (subgraphs) provide developers with tremendous flexibilty to create their own unique data API that is relevant for each individual use-case. The hassle of managing blockchain nodes, databases, servers, middleware, libraries, and everything else is taken away. Easily import the Polar Sync typescript library and quickly get started. Create your unique data set, link your Github to our developer dashboard, and deploy.

Once deployed and synced you will be provided with a Polar Sync API URL that will enable you to instantly query and access blockchain data in real time.

$POLAR is the utility token of our platform. In the future it will be required to maintain API endpoints, deployments, and queries.