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100,000,000 PLAY
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100,000,000 PLAY
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100,000,000 PLAY

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Playmusic The works of music artists are under a growing and supportive environment to evolve and expand.DAO + DEFI + MUSIC = PLAYMUSIC Our project covers a general context with the main theme PlayMusic, where our investors will be able to earn money by listening to music, and will also have the right to buy and put songs on our platform. It will be a musical world, putting all singers on the same level, giving everyone the condition to prosper. The governance concept we present is to allow each creator in the community to have the fair right to participate in governance and the precise musical inspirations can grow, expand and profit in our community. We design fair economy (Trading, Lending, Mining. Leasing, Pawn etc.) to encourage the creation of music pieces, such as original music or music forging. This way, each music creator and each participant can get a piece of the fair value of their works An inspiration with any number of notes contains an infinite number of possibilities in PlayMusic! This gives us the perfect stage for our imagination and our out-of-the-box ideas. Here, we use the notes to interpret the music that belongs to us. Here, not a single note will be missed