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What Is Pepe Monsta (MEPE)?

In the shadow of Mt Wojak, lives MEPE the degenerate ETH cousin of MONSTA on BSC. He's good frens to Wassie's, Pepe, Elmo, Bob, and all Smoltings. He loves getting baked on his lake of selloooors tears and smashing red candles.

Join the fun as Pepe Monsta burns $MEPE and $MONSTA tokens, giving moar rewards to our true diamond hand community.

MEPE is a memecoin that thinks differently, combining two iconic crypto figures – Monsta and Pepe, across two separate chains - to bring you a one-of-a-kind crypto experience. It’s just like PEPE but hornier!

Who Are the Founders of Pepe Monsta?

MEPE is the brainchild of team members from the MONSTA protocol on BSC. They offer extensive experience in leading communities and cryptocurrency business relations.

MONSTA was founded in 2021 as a deflationary meme coin and has still today a thriving and active community that is forming the future for the protocol via democratic, dao-like mechanics.

The MONSTA project is led by 8 full-time team members, 5 of whom are now working on this fun meme project called MEPE on the Ethereum blockchain.