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Self-reported circulating supply
300,000 OC
Total supply
0 OC
Max. supply
330,000,000 OC

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About OracleCapital

Whats is Oracle Capital ? Oracle Capital is poised to lead a DeFi revolution with ASaaS system, a new financial protocol that simplifies staking and provides $OC token holders with the highest stable returns in crypto. Oracle Capital is a AutoStaking-as-a-Service (”ASaaS”) platform on Binance Smart Chain Network or usually we called it as (BEP20) chains which yield staking on behalf of $OC investors. Oracle Capital has its own native token, which is denoted by the symbol $OC.

What is OC Token? $OC is a BEP20 Token with an elastic supply which rewards its holders with a positive rebase formula, thus creating the first Auto-Staking-as-a-Service Protocol and Auto-Compounding token gives $OC token holders the highest stable returns in crypto Defi3.0. With Reflection BUSD features it will help to increase income to $OC Holders.

What are the Features of Oracle Capital? -Auto-Staking-as-a-Service (ASaaS Protocol) & Auto Compounding. -Halving Mechanism by each epoch setup like bitcoin halving system.  -Rebase System with Elastic Supply. -Capital-Insurance-Fund (CIF) to stabilize the risk downward. -Oracle Treasury Fund (OCT) for stabilize the project growth. -Stable APY with Compounding system. -Taxation for development & improvement of the project. -Reflections rewards in BUSD (stablecoin). -Referral & Rebate system for affiliate & investor.

What make Oracle Capital different from competitor? Oracle Capital is introducing ASaaS (AutoStaking-as-a-Service), a new protocol that aims to create a new decentralized model in the DeFi space. Rather than creating a large Treasury, the ASaaS protocol deposits the value generated by the project into the wallets of $OC holders.

This approach provides immediate value to token holders while also cultivating an engaged community interested in seeing the project thrive. Our goal is to use the community as a cohesive and focused unit to generate wealth and power for the community. This new concept in DeFi, and we believe it will set a new industry standard. $OC is currently one of the hottest projects in the DeFi space.

While all Defi 3.0 provide auto staking with an auto compounding system, Oracle Capital is developing new features that will provide all investors with additional BUSD reflection. Provide a referral and rebate system, as well as accelerate the NFT Click 2 EARN phase in Q3.