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Self-reported circulating supply
1,358,477 ONYX
Total supply
1,358,477 ONYX
Max. supply
1,570,000 ONYX

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About Onyx DAO

Onyx DAO is a DeFi protocol that goes against the grain by using experimental tokenomics to prioritize $ONYX holders. As an official ApeSwap partner, our goal is to build a project that empowers the community and challenges the status quo in the DeFi space.

We aim to create a space where $ONYX holders are the true kings and queens of the DeFi realm, where their voices are heard and their contributions are rewarded by the protocol. At Onyx DAO, we don't just follow the trends, we set them!

There are 3 main products of Onyx DAO:

  1. Farms - Stake Ape-LPs to earn High APR $ONYX rewards! We will have over 12 LP farming pairs at launch with multiple new ones being released throughout launch week.

  2. Pools - Stake $ONYX to earn major tokens including $ETH, $USDC, & $ARB!

  3. Treasury Bills - In order to build a strong, less volatile token, we will be launching $ONYX liquidity bonding on 3/28. Users can sell $ONYX-$ETH liquidity to earn $ONYX at a discount.

Onyx DAO prides itself on having completely transparent tokenomics. The complete emission schedule of $ONYX is mapped out from T1 to when it reaches its hard cap of 1,570,000 circulating supply.

Onyx DAO aims to solve current DeFi problems with an experimental, innovative model by combining farming and bonding; our goal is to build a project that empowers the community, prioritizes $ONYX holders, and challenges the status quo in the DeFi space.

The $ONYX token was designed to align user and protocol incentives by focusing on rewarding token holders first and minimizing volatility.