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Self-reported circulating supply
3,092,486 NFT11
Total supply
125,000,000 NFT11
Max. supply
125,000,000 NFT11

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About NFT11

Non-Fungible Tournament 11, aka NFT11; a football (soccer) inspired universe where anyone can earn and own a football team, unique down to the last player, made possible through the bleeding edge technology of blockchain.

NFT11 is a blockchain-based game, with all transactions executed fairly and transparent on the blockchain. It is our goal to create a series of games based on the same ecosystem to eventually attract a wider userbase.

With 3.5B fans across the globe, Football/Soccer is ranked the World's Most Popular Sport, and rightfully crowned as the Most Beautiful Sport. - a squad of 11 players against another squad of 11 players, contest in a tournament.

The history of football video games is inextricably tied to the video game industry itself, as some of the earliest video games were, in fact, soccer titles. A total of eighteen different football video games were released between 1976 to 1986.

Football Manager has sold more than 18 million copies worldwide and there are plenty of other simulation games which use the same ideas of managing a team to success. While they don’t have the licenses to use real teams and players, the idea remains the same, with gamers managing fictional teams to success. These simulation games are especially popular on PC, mobile and browser bringing the sport to a wider range of players.

Football fans, players of the game online and in real life can get their fix of managing their own clubs, employ their “couch tactics”, emulate the latest strategy and much more not just on their CPU or gaming console but with any likeminded gamer on the blockchain.

The unique functionality of our in-game assets are a perfect fit of form and function for NFT collectors and game fi investors where collectors and profit hunters have the additional edge of utility of their NFTs such as different tier players, real estate in the form of stadium seats etc. This drives demand of their NFT assets because demand is derived from organic users (players of the game) and other collectors unlike most other NFT assets which lack the former.

NFT11’s revenue model should be viewed in tandem to its development. The 3 main revenue streams can be summarised as follows:

  1. Initial revenue will be from token sales to meet demand for in-game NFT assets such as players, real estate, and collectibles. This will be further sustained by competition fees, registration fees, retiring/re-minting of new players and further NFT asset releases. 50% of all tokens collected back from such utility will be burnt further adding deflationary price pressure to a limited supply.

  2. Partnership revenue will initially be derived from royalties collected from re-sale of our NFT assets in secondary marketplaces. We expect this revenue stream to grow significantly as the game gets developed through commercial tie ups in the metaverse as well as in the real world through endorsements/co-marketing royalties and co-development.

  3. Game franchise revenue will not start until the launch of full game play, we expect this traditional revenue stream for games in general to encompass, rights and licensing sales, merchandising and IP sales. This will be sustained through continuous new player acquisitions of the developed product.