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What is MyConstant (MCT)?

MyConstant is a financial platform based in the US and Vietnam offering a series of crypto investment and lending products. Since founding in 2019, it has expanded its services beyond peer-to-peer lending, to a range of other financial products and now supports over 200,000 customers around the world.

Its native token, MCT, was launched in May 2022, with the aim to further the development of the platform. Its holders enjoy special privileges in the form of a membership program, which is designed to encourage community involvement. Its ultimate goal is to become a financial ecosystem for all digital assets.

Who are the Founders of MyConstant?

The company was founded by Duy Huynh, a tech entrepreneur in 2019. Duy has a proven track record in computing and software, winning the USA and Vietnam Computing Olympiad. Prior to founding MyConstant, he was a software architect at IBM.

The day-to-day running of MyConstant is conducted by CEO Zon Chu. Zon has over 15 years experience as a full-stack developer, project manager and technical director at major US and Asian companies. The award-winning team itself has undergone rapid growth since 2019, and MyConstant now has over 50 employees working around the globe.

What Makes MyConstant Unique?

MyConstant is designed to be accessible to investors and borrowers from all backgrounds. It offers a variety of products and services which supports people to achieve their financial goals.

MyConstant features include:

  • Crypto lend: Lend selected cryptocurrencies and earn up to 15% APY.
  • Crypto-Backed Loans: Users can use their crypto as collateral to borrow USD or another crypto for as low as 0% APR.
  • Fixed-term investments: Users can lend USD and earn up to 7% APR.
  • Crypto Swap: A quick and easy way to exchange your crypto.
  • MCT Staking: Holders can stake MCT for up to 18% APR for fixed terms of up to six months.
  • Futures: Offers a way to make profit (or a loss) by predicting the crypto market.
  • Short-Selling: Allows users to make a potential profit when their selected crypto price falls.
  • Lending Lottery: A lottery based on the UK’s Premium Bonds model, earning users 1% APR plus prizes of up to $10m.
  • Debit card: A virtual card that allows MyConstant account holders to spend directly from the platform. (For US-based customers only)

As a reward for its customers, MyConstant has set up a membership program that incentivizes users to use its platform. The membership is split into a tier system, depending on how many MCT the user holds. In essence, the more MCT the user has, the greater the rewards.

They include:

  • Crypto Lend: Earn up to 15% APY.
  • Crypto-backed loans: Pay from just 3.6% APR.
  • Fixed-term investments: Earn up to 8.4% APR.
  • Crypto Swap: Up to 90% discount on swapping fees.
  • Lending Lottery: Earn up to 1.2% and up to 4 extra tickets for every $2,000 invested.
  • Referral program: Earn up to $20 and up to 20% of referee’s interest.

MyConstant also commits to rewarding 50% of MCT to its community, to further incentivize participation in the platform.

How Many MCT Coins Will be in Circulation?

There are currently 149,000,000 MCT in circulation. MyConstant will ultimately release a maximum of 900,000,000 MCT, to be released in stages between every 3 to 6 months for up to 4 years.

The tokenomics are split to serve the MyConstant ecosystem. The distribution will be as follows:

  • Investment and seed funding: 20% of max supply (180,000,000 MCT)
  • Core team: 20% of max supply (180,000,000 MCT)
  • Treasury: 10% of max supply (180,000,000 MCT)
  • Community: 50% of max supply (450,000,000 MCT)

20% of the total (180,000,000 MCT) will be dedicated to token sales for investment and seed funding. Another 20% will be given to the core team, with 10% (90,000,000 MCT) committed to financial safekeeping and backup funds. The remaining 50% (450,000,000 MCT) will be rewarded to the MCT community.

How is MyConstant secured?

The MyConstant network ensures your data is secure by a number of mechanisms, including two-factor authentication (2FA) and require passwords that are difficult to hack. We also hash your passwords using SHA-256 - a one way encryption code that cannot be decrypted to protect your data.

MyConstant’s native token, MCT, is a utility token issued on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Therefore MCT is secured following BSC policies - which you can read more here:

Where Can I Buy MCT?

If you’re outside the US, you can easily buy MCT on our website. Simply go to the “Buy MCT” page and follow the steps there. You’ll be able to get your MCT in minutes.

If you’re in the US, then you’ll need to buy MCT on PancakeSwap.The MyConstant team has a useful guide on how to do it.

By hodling MCT on MyConstant, you will be able to enjoy the full benefits of membership, including earning up to 15% APY on your crypto - in real time.