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Mundocrypto is a multinational tech crypto company, focused on providing immersive online blockchain and web 3.0 academic services across the Spanish-speaking population. Over the last 4 years, Mundocrypto has built and maintained one of the largest and most vibrant communities in this ecosystem. As part of its evolution, Mundocrypto has become the Metaverse for communities and education boasting resources such as Mundocrypto News, Mundocrypto Academy, Mundocrypto TV, and Mundocrypto Community which compose the MundoCrypto metaverse and will converge in the VR world.

Mundocrypto truly believes that education is the key to the continued growth of the ecosystem. As such we are introducing three new concepts: Learn to Earn, Proof of Community, and B2B academic model. All these new features converge in a VR world packed full of environments, where the economy is governed by the Mundocrypto Token, the utility and governance token of Mundocrypto. This token grants holders the opportunity to modify the parameters for the reward calculation, voting, access the Learn to Earn model, collect rewards, staking, and purchase ingame assets within the metaverse.

  • Learn to Earn: This model incentivizes new users to learn as much as possible as they have the possibility to earn money in the process. The Learn to Earn model is based on one simple rule: Income of the metaverse > Reward.

  • Proof of Community: Created as a concept to strengthen the community as users motivate one another to continue to grow via a reward system based on levels of experience.

  • B2B Model: As an academic service provider, Mundocrypto offers other companies the opportunity to build their own academies or to implement a Learn to Earn education program in the Mundocrypto Metaverse. Through this B2B model, new users will not only be able to access this ecosystem with ease but will also be rewarded for it.