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MoveX is a web3 fitness & lifestyle mobile app for users to earn rewards by movement like Walking, Running, Cycling, Riding and Driving. MoveX is designed to bring happiness back to people through three dimensions: social connections, physical health, and, most importantly, income. Users of MoveX will gain a high return of $MOVX through ‘our system.’ There are several modes, including Walking, Running, Cycling, Riding and Driving, which contain different rewards levels. Earnings will be achieved through MoveX, which is inspired by one of the most popular and genius projects, MOVX. Whether at a club, staying at home, or drinking beside the beaches, you will find social connections with people in real life or metaverse through MoveX. After one year or two of silence, nightlife bosses will see that partying, clubbing, dancing, and jumping together can always bring happiness back.