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HUB Metaflip serve as a hub of information, advertising and NFT booster structures in metaverse technology. Metaverse are not just about games. It is also a place where people will use it as information, business, sports, socials and more activities. Metaflip HUB is creating a unique structure for users, creators and developers to gain a boost start up for their NFT in metaverse.

Intergration Metaflip will be intergrated with VR and AR structure. Users, developers, and creators will enjoy using Metaflip as their platform for guideline on how to get their business or information intergrated in to the Metaverse world. Metaflip will develop a cross-chain gateway to the community, so that they could transfer the NFT assets between Metaflip sidechain and other chains like Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, etc.

NEWS & EVENTS Metaverse is one of the advance technology that is on going Metaflip is building a unique virtual world where users can learn, own, and monetize their metaverse experiences using METAFLIP, the main utility token of the platform. Metaflip will hold an events for creators and users For developer and NFT creator, by participate in Metaflip will earn place to share their projects or ideas to help increase the popularity. Users that help share the article, news, informations of other projects that is in Metaflip will earn rewards.