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Launched in 10/09/2021 by a team based in France and Canada, Masterchef2 allow to receive 52 new cryptocurrencies every year without having to look for secure, "low Mc" projects yourself. The reward tokens change weekly and you will automatically receive the rewards on your wallet. In addition, 100 NFT‘s are sent to the top holders every week in honor of the last reward token of the previous week. The reward token with the most votes collected over the week wins the vote and becomes the next reward token for a week. May the better win! But one thing is certain, no matter who wins, all of these projects are pre-screened and are promising investments. Take a look at the developments in the past reward tokens such as $DOUGH, $NXT or $ADAC, these tokens have already given our holders considerable increases in value and still have plenty of room for further growth. All our efforts and the selection of reward tokens are designed to create the safest possible environment for investments and a profitable portfolio for you!