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Liquifi is a protocol for decentralized liquidity pool exchanges that combines constant product AMM with some ideas from order book exchanges. Liquifi allows traders to place time-locked swap operations to overcome the price slippage and front-running problems. Liquifi was launched in Ethereum mainnet on October, 30 2020, on March, 12 2021 in Binance Smart Chain.

In the long term Liquifi will become a cross-chain DeFi platform capable of performing financial transactions (digital asset exchange, money transfer, crypto to fiat swaps, etc.) across several blockchains and fiat accounts.

LQF is a governance token for the Liquifi project. LQF tokens can only be obtained by investing in Liquifi pools with fair distribution according to the share of each liquidity provider. The share is calculated weekly and depends not only on the total amount of invested assets but also on the time that these assets were locked. For that liquidity providers should stake their pool tokens (received when investing in pools) to the Liquifi governance contract.

The total supply of LQF tokens will be about 107M, distribution starts from 2.5M tokens every week, slowly decreasing. The active phase of the mining program will last for about 10 years.