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Self-reported circulating supply
10,255,999 KTX
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99,999,999 KTX

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About KwikTrust

KTX is the native utility token that mints the SuperNFT and runs the KwikTrust Protocol and platform - a decentralised blockchain technology and e-validation platform.

Meet the SuperNFT:

The patent-pending SuperNFT raises the bar for security and usability in the NFT (non-fungible token) sector by introducing validated proof of ownership and locking it to proof of origination and provenance of assets, linking the owner’s identity to a cross-chain fully transferable and tradable digital asset. This allows NFTs to move beyond digital artworks, opening new asset classes, both physical and digital, to NFTs. It enables Web 3.0 token-based economy opportunities with the SuperNFT as a store of value for financial securities, insurance, intellectual property, digital assets in the metaverse, and proof of ownership of physical assets including property and other higher value assets.

The limitation with 'old-style' NFTs is that they aren’t linked to the owner’s identity, and they can be easily lost or stolen. This dissuades people from storing higher value assets as NFTs, ultimately stifling exponential growth in the market.

KwikTrust solves this problem with the introduction of the SuperNFT.

KwikTrust already has hundreds of active user accounts and is growing rapidly, while being revenue-generating and actively operating with enterprises across several sectors, including insurance, property, media, gaming, legal and charity. With use cases across a wide array of sectors, the SuperNFT opens the doors to infinite NFT possibilities.

Imagine a future where not just digital, but physical assets can be minted into a fully transferrable, secure, digital asset.

With the SuperNFT, that future is here.

The KwikTrust Platform:

Behind the SuperNFT lies the KwikTrust Platform. KwikTrust is an e-validation platform that provides provenance and legal protection.

The platform enables self-certified and third-party validation of files, with the results stored securely on a blockchain, creating an irrefutable record of activity.

Users can record and validate intellectual property origination, contracts, accounts, invoices, references, qualifications, identities, video and audio files, and undertake know-your-client checks (KYC). Intellectual property and other assets can be represented digitally - including property deeds, company shares, asset ownership, and validated identities - which can be minted into a SuperNFT as a permanent and transferable record of ownership.

The KwikTrust solution is faster, simpler, more secure and less expensive than competitors. It features triple lock security- each file is locked onto the blockchain with three separate hashes.

Key Partners Include: IBM Cudos Nakheel Capital GamerHash Crypto Club Global MyCryptoClub Halvings Capital Black Dragon BasketCoin