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What is KSwap? KSwap(https://app.kswap.finance) is a decentralized trading platform based on the Automated Market Maker(AMM) , and supports a variety of mining functions, including liquidity mining, transaction mining, etc. KSwap values safety first and pays most attention to user experience to provide customers with a variety of tokens, safe and reliable trusted transaction experiences. Besides SWAP and mining functions,KSwap developed info.kswap.finance and NFT mystery boxes part. KUniverse is an innovative NFT system launched by KSwap. Unlike traditional NFTs that only have collector and game values, KUniverse deeply integrates KSwap's trading and bonus mechanisms, allowing KUniverse NFT holders to participate in a fixed bonus pool for KSwap's transaction fees to receive rewards. Experience the website at: https://nft.kswap.finance KStarter is IDO part for projects. Projects could use this part to promote their project with the power of finance and make this project to another level.

KST is the token of KSwap. It will be used in the KSwap Finance ecosystem. The KSwap team started the development at the end of 2020. KSwap will become open-sourced after mainnet launch. The code has been audited by KNOWNSEC and the security status is five stars.

KSwap’s Organization Team of KSwap is using the form of DAO. In the very early stage, KSwap focuses on the developing and designing the tokeneconomy and aiming to find a way to make KSwap become decentralized and community governance.

KSwap team is a complete and efficient team, with some members from well-known domestic internet companies, and some who have more than 5 years of experience in blockchain industry and have led the development of mature public chain products.

Leading Data During the testing period, we have made cooperation with many other projects in the OKExChain ecosystem. The number of users participating in the testing period exceeds 120,000, and the number of transactions exceeds 2 million. Moreover, trade pairs’ number also reached quite high which is nearly 400. All kinds of data show that KSwap is in a leading position in the OKExChain ecosystem. Meanwhile, KSwap is still in a rapid expansion, we will continue to work on optimizing the user experience.

During these nearly two months, our telegram group number is more than 7000 and twitter followers are more than 5000, and other channels communities are reaching more than 4000 people.

Token Design: Total Amount 1,000,000,000(100%) - Team: 100,000,000 (10%) Liner unlock daily in 3 years after mainnet launch

Market: 50,000,000 (5%) Liner unlock daily in 1 year after mainnet launch

Institutional Investors: 50,000,000(5%) Liner unlock daily in 1 year after mainnet launch

Mining: 800,000,000(80%) Liquidity mining, trade mining, single token mining

Related links: KSwap official website: https://app.kswap.finance KSwap info: https://info.kswap.finance KSwap announcement: https://kswap.zendesk.com KSwap medias: https://twitter.com/kswap_finance https://kswap-finance.medium.com/ KSwap telegram: https://t.me/kswap_finance