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What Is Kranz Token (KRZ)?

KRZ Token is an Ethereum and BSC token contract that is covering the cost for businesses to start accepting cryptocurrency. With its Integration Fund, Kranz purchases any necessary technology (like a new tablet/computer) and/or covers the cost of any software development (like website integration) to make accepting cryptocurrency easier. KRZ Token was founded by William Gill, Jacob Thomas, and Rahul Ramesh.

What Makes Kranz Unique?

KRZ Token has a Reward Fund with token allocations specifically set aside for businesses that partner with them and start accepting cryptocurrency. Businesses will be rewarded in two ways: upfront and also proportionally for every transaction in which they receive cryptocurrency as payment. To achieve this transactional reward system idea, more infrastructure is necessary than a simple token contract. This necessitates the use of the OnlySwap Exchange

What is OnlySwap?

The exchange will initially launch as a DEX Aggregator, called OnlySwap: the first of its kind that will be integrated and unified with two other exchange classifications. OnlySwap will be using KRZ Token as an Automated Market Maker Token and as a Reward Token that will be rewarding businesses proportionally on every transaction for accepting cryptocurrency.

Since Kranz Token has a burn function on every transaction, the supply will become increasingly scarce over time, especially after full implementation on OnlySwap. OnlySwap will be completely covering the arbitrage and volatility for businesses so that they can accept cryptocurrency and have the fiat currency that they need deposited directly into their business bank account. OnlySwap is an ambitious solution for universal adoption of cryptocurrency and will be rolled out in several stages.