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Self-reported circulating supply
4,500,000,000 KSH
Total supply
Max. supply
21,000,000,000 KSH
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About Keeshond Coin

Started as Meme token. Like-minded people have come together to form a community, own and operate, made up exclusively of Keeshond Business owners. Our own members and benefactors interact within a decentralized and anonymous social media platform where KEESHOND visionaries and holders have access to.

We like to share alerts, alpha news, joke, and grow together to enrich the Solana ecosystem.

The anonymous creator of the KeeshondCoin is known as “Kakashi” However, very little is known of the mystery founder of the dog-themed cryptocurrency, much like the founder of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto.

Keeshond launched on main-net on Nov 28, 2021 with 10 billion $KSH tokens created. 10% of the tokens were burned at genesis 5% of additional supply is issued each year to support the project, of which 90% goes to members (4.5% total) and 10% to the protocol treasury (0.5% total). The community is already strong with $KSH only being a few months old, and growing larger by appealing to people who would not be interested in cryptocurrencies. It has all the upsides of Solana's blockchain (high scalability, high speed, low fees) while being a fun cryptocurrency to trade.

If you would like to know where to buy KeeshondCoin($KSH), the top exchanges for trading it is currently on Raydium. You can find others listed on the KeeshondCoin price market pairs page. KeeshondCoin price trading pair include: $KSH/SOL

$KSH assignment is to create NFT Marketplace, a site dedicated to allowing anyone on Solana to list or buy NFTs with low transaction fees. Any person can sell an NFT for any amount.