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Self-reported circulating supply
4,372,628,386 HELPS
Total supply
750,638,250,000 HELPS
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About HelpSeed

HELPS Token, a unique project, bears the ultimate humanitarian goal to create a greener and more liveable future with a healthier environment to inherit for future generations. It is a metaverse project which enables investors to buy metaverse lands of hexagonal sections while playing a game of P2E which makes users earn tokens while playing the game on the metaverse universe. Investors will be able to buy metaverse lands from NFT markets and earn income from these properties they purchase, just like the way people do in the real world. The game structured on a basis of farming. Users,upon purchasing a metaverse land, are able to start farming. The better the farming is performed the more token is earned. This concept makes it possible for the users to earn at least one token a day. The project, which is a NFT Project, grants 10 thousand dollars to the top user after determining who plays the game at the best. The most important difference of HelpSeed from other investment projects is that you earn cryptocurrency while contributing to the growth of the woodlands where people get most of the energy they use. This project, which enables investors to donate 1 seed for every 100 Helpseed tokens they purchase, is the first and only token with a physical equivalent in the real world. On the Metaverse platform, where the virtual version of the real world is reflected, the land is divided into hexagons into equal dimensions, with the aim to make money for its investors every day with the p2e (play to earn) system. This NFT ptoject also enables users with a nft market where users can find the items they need for their investment. The project is involved with charities that donate plant seeds. It also has an NFT farm land P2E game platform on #BNBchain Donations made through the Project are instantly registered with a NFT certificate. By awarding such a document the priceless donations of the users are guaranteed.