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Golteum is the world's first 100% asset backed NFT marketplace. Offering mass market consumers the opportunity to participate in the gold revolution via fractionalized NFT ownership. Buy, sell, and redeem NFTs backed by physical gold bars.

Their unique trading-style platform offers users the opportunity to trade crypto, NFTs, and gold all in one place. With a strong focus on user experience, they make it fun and easy to invest and track your holdings.

GLTM is a utility token built on the Ethereum network. This token empowers users to transact seamlessly across the fully decentralized Golteum ecosystem. Holders will have access to a variety of services including exclusive early access to the Golteum marketplace, advanced reporting, and a direct line of communication with their team of gold analysts. Additional offerings include limited edition NFTs, gaming/metaverse assets, educational features, and more. GLTM tokens are currently available through their presale: