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Each week, lucky investors will be rewarded through random drawings at the end of the week. The more tickets you hold, the better your chances of winning prizes are! (Team wallets are excluded from these drawings). The lottery will be gradually rolled out in three phases:

Phase 1: The main goal during Phase I is to maintain hype and encourage community engagement. Think of it like a week-long SweepWidget competition where you complete actions, earn tickets, and the more tickets you have, the higher your chances of winning a prize are. We will start out lottery draws by giving away $10,000 in prizes on December 24th - 1 week after launch. To ensure we've got $10,000 available for the giveaway regardless of token volume, we will seed the lottery wallet using proceeds from the presale.

Phase 2: After 2 weeks of mooning, our lottery wallet will be nice and full and it will be time to give that back to the community! During Phase II, we will give one lucky holder a Tesla Model 3 on New Years Day - January 1st.

Phase 3: During Phase III, we will deploy a new smart contract that will feature a locked liquidity pool. This liquidity pool will hold the funds for our exclusive Floki Millions Moonshot Jackpot. We will move money from the lottery wallet to the locked liquidity pool nightly. It's important to highlight that we CANNOT remove the money from this pool. This smart contract will also have all the logic for hosting the weekly drawings. It will be completely transparent, audited, and secure so our lottery is fair.