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FC has always been an important vehicle of consensus for the Conflux community, and it is the result of the hard work and contributions of the early core community members. Every FC pass is a proof of contribution, and every FC pass has its value, and Conflux Foundation respects the hard work of every community member. In the Conflux community, any valid contribution will be respected by the whole community, and equal pay for equal work and no food for those who do not work are the basic principles of the Conflux community. At the same time, each FC will be issued to all community members through multiple channels to ensure the entire process and results are open, fair and equitable.

Conflux community is actively promoting the FC as a community governance pass to play a governance role of various types of exploration. Now the authority of FC issuance has been gradually handed over to the community.

The total number of FCs is capped at 21 million and will never be increased. The Conflux Foundation promises to keep the 1:1 one-way exchange channel between FC and the main network pass CFX forever.