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About edeXa

What Is edeXa Business Blockchain?

The edeXa Business Blockchain offers companies and public authorities an ecosystem that can be used for trust-building with secure and traceable processes thanks to a powerful, secure and energy-efficient Business Blockchain. Intending to make blockchain technology easy to use for companies and organizations, edeXa makes numerous services and interfaces (APIs) available to customers. This accessibility allows existing or new applications to quickly and easily take advantage of blockchain to optimize business processes. What makes us truly unique is our high-trust network, where validators are reputable companies and authorities. Our hybrid approach, combining permissioned and public blockchain elements, opens up entirely new solutions for companies and authorities alike.

edeXa token

The edeXa (EDX) token provides a reward mechanism for incentivizing our consensus process and as a customer transaction fee and benefit token which is used in the edeXa Universe Business Blockchain. In addition, we will offer various discounts and special conditions (benefits) to the EDX - holders in future, who aim to hold EDX tokens for an extended period of time. Through the sale of EDX - tokens, the generated income will be primarily used for further development and whole operation of the edeXa Universe business blockchain. The listing on exchanges is intended to increase the attractiveness of the EDX Token and contribute to new participants in the entire edeXa ecosystem.

edeXa Token (EDX) serves multiple purposes within the platform:

The edeXa Business Blockchain network has implemented a unique rewards system to incentivize participation from Businesses to secure edeXa Public Blockchain. Unlike other blockchain projects, we do not rely on a proof of stake model. Instead, we use a PoA consensus mechanism to verify transactions on the network and add blocks to edeXa Public Blockchain. Businesses which are a part of our validation network, can earn rewards in the form of EDX tokens.

Key Features of edeXa Token:

The edeXa Public Blockchain ecosystem uses a unique consensus mechanism called Proof of Authority (PoA) to validate transactions and secure the network. PoA relies on a number of trusted Businesses validators, known as masternodes, to validate transactions and add them to the blockchain. These masternodes are selected based on their reputation, reliability, and technical expertise, and they are responsible for validating and confirming transactions on the network. In order to earn EDX tokens as a masternode, the node must first be selected and approved by the edeXa network. Once selected, the masternode can begin validating transactions and earning rewards in the form of EDX tokens. It's important to note that masternodes in the edeXa ecosystem have an important role in maintaining the security and reliability of the network. As such, they are expected to meet certain standards of performance and reliability, and failing to do so can result in penalties or even removal from the network.

Total supply:

Token Specifications: Token Name: edeXa Token Ticker: EDX Type: Utility Token Total Number of Tokens: 10,000,000,000

Blockchain Contract: 0xC114678C6e4654d041B2006C90f08478b444c4E2 Explore our blockchain contract on various platforms:

Polygon: https://polygonscan.com/address/0xC114678C6e4654d041B2006C90f08478b444c4E2

Binance Smart Chain: https://bscscan.com/address/0xC114678C6e4654d041B2006C90f08478b444c4E2

Ethereum: https://etherscan.io/address/0xC114678C6e4654d041B2006C90f08478b444c4E2

Future Developments and Roadmap

While specific details about future developments and the project roadmap can be obtained from the official edeXa website : https://edexa.network/about or community channels, ongoing efforts typically focus on enhancing the platform's functionality, scalability, and user experience. Community participation and engagement often play a crucial role in shaping the future direction of the edeXa ecosystem. Stay tuned for updates and announcements from the edeXa team to stay informed about upcoming features and improvements.