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EcoCREDIT revolutionizes our collective fight against climate change by turning the voluntary carbon offset market on its head. By warehousing, tokenizing, and standardizing voluntary carbon offsets for the first time, EcoCREDIT solves the current barriers to entry in the voluntary carbon offset market! This approach makes it possible for anyone to fight against climate change easily. There’s no end to the number of applications that can be built using tokenized carbon offsets! EcoCREDIT’s APIs allow businesses to offer carbon offsets to their customers at the point of sale and for developers to create truly sustainable applications. In facilitating unprecedented access, EcoCREDIT makes working on sustainability a reality. The first franchised application of EcoCREDIT, Ecolands, is a gamified, sustainable metaverse that empowers users with the ability to offset their carbon footprint in the form of NFTs. Offset your house, car, pets, or the Eiffel Tower in this engaging gamified sustainability platform! EcoCREDIT is blazing a trail in the climate change revolution!