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Self-reported circulating supply
100,000,000,000 DVILLE
Total supply
100,000,000,000 DVILLE
Max. supply
100,000,000,000 DVILLE

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About DogeVille

DogeVille has always had in mind to keep it simple. Not only does this make the reach of the game bigger as young and old can both play it also makes the implementation of a play 2 earn model on the blockchain a lot easier.

Farming DogeVille will always be focused on farming. When new content is released it will always have something to do with farming. The main reason for this is that farming is easy to understand. When the core gameplay is easy to understand the threshold is low to start playing and creates a solid foundation. The concept of farming in DogeVille is easy. Here's in chronological order how it works: - Player plants seeds from inventory - Crops start growing(There are 24 different crops in the game, all with different growing timers). In this example, the crop will take 30 minutes to fully grow. The player can return to the game in 30 minutes to see all the crops fully grown. - Once the crops are fully grown the player can harvest the crops by clicking on them. The crops will enter the inventory. - Crops can be brought to the vendor to be sold for DVILLE(The in-game currency). To start planting new seeds players must have enough seeds in inventory and otherwise also buy them from the vendor.

Farmland Farming land will be limited for new farmers. Players will have to use DVILLE tokens to expand their farms. When the player expands their farm they are able to earn more DVILLE tokens through a higher yield. There are 3 different soil types within the game with all different growing speeds. The better the soil the faster seeds will grow into crops.

Buildings With new content updates, there will also be more buildings added. Each building will have its own unique features. Marketplace: Buy and sell items on the marketplace. Barn: Be able to hold more yield in your inventory through the barn. Silo: In order to start holding animals you must acquire the silo. This will hold all the feed for the animals.

Seeds Once we get the game up and running and it's running stable we will be adding more features. This includes the seed mutating. Special seeds will come in the form of NFT's. With 2 seeds you will be able to start the mutating phase for a chance to earn a rarer seed. These seeds will have custom stats. Such as faster growing times and higher yield.

Animals With the expansion of DogeVille animals will also be added to the game. With the faeces, fertilizer will be able to be made. Fertilizers will speed up the growing phase of crops.