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CSPRO is a token of the BEP-20 standard in the Binance Smart Chain network with a unique algorithm and technical functions. It was developed as a fully decentralized application (DApp). its main goal CSPRO is to support the International Funds by supporting developments in the field of digital assets and promoting cooperation between various startups working in the sphere of digital technologies in order to jointly make blockchain technology more in demand and used in various fields. The main task that CSPRO sets itself is to make mining accessible for all people on the planet, regardless of their place of residence and access to cheap electricity.


Personal Mining is the action that users stake CSPRO Token into Contract and be a miner over their personal PC or virtual Server PC. With a sufficient amount of staked CSPRO Token and a computer connected to the Internet, anyone can do Personal Mining.

Pool Mining is the Method, which is preferred by users who cannot keep their computer turned on continuously or having internet connection problems, continues to mine by cooperating with other users when they stake enough CSPRO Tokens. Users who can not afford the minimum Stake Amount can use this Method too. Our website It is an important platform designed to produce private commercial blockchain solutions.

CSPRO Foundation: CSPRO FOUNDATION is a non-governmental organization that will be established for the CSPRO project to operate more effectively social responsibility and software development areas. Using 1% of the transfer fees.

CSPRO Academy: It is an educational platform that aims to produce quality content by operating in digital media, especially Youtube and with university clubs, which was established to inform everyone who is interested in the crypto industry and to increase their experience, whether they own a CSPRO token or not.

CSPro features

Proof of Active Algorithm CSPro allows with Proof of Activity fair mining after you install mining software in a few minutes and provide activity on BSC network.

Alphanumeric Memo Feature CSPro’s alphanumeric MEMO feature allows to send an unlimited number of characters in an optional encrypted or unencrypted form during transfers in the blockchain network.

Reverse Halving Feature CSPro is an extraordinary token that emerged with the world’s first reverse halving system in the crypto sector with its unique Reward Plan. In other words, Reverse Halving goes unlike all other Coins in Market from low to high to provide Demand and Supply Balance.

Green Mining CSPro Green Mining concept, which is friendly to nature, people, and energy resources, allows our users to mine with minimum cost. Users can easily mine without purchasing expensive equipment and paying high electricity bills.